Happy 4th of July lads. As said in last week’s update, WUs can be a bit late due to the Merge. Indeed, most news now involves the Merge because it is taking up so much of our resources, but rest assured there are still many things to cover, so let’s dig in!

Merge News

Edit Count Technical Difficulty

Due to the limits on file-size MediaWiki places on Special:Import, it will not be possible to preserve whole-histories from DCoW. In order to import all pages before everyone grows beards, only the latest edit in the edit histories will be taken. Additionally, edit counts on this Wiki will go up only slightly, if at all, because tests showed that while the edits registered in Special:Editcount, the number itself does not increase. To mitigate this, Graviatar has begun a project to create Medals for all users who have a certain edit count on DCoW, so that their hard work and contributions will not go unrewarded.

Staff Demoted on DCoW

As the merge chugs along, we have reached the point where only technical helpers such as bots or certain Admins are needed on DCoW, so all Staff excepting only Zathsu, Ursuul, Banarama, and two bots, have been demoted there.

Merge Progress — Code Merge

DCoW CSS has been completely ported to this Wiki. Infobox styles are located at MediaWiki:Themes.css, and soon will be rewritten and combined with local Infobox styles. MediaWiki:ModifiedChatTags.js has been imported from DCoW and is now live, while all other scripts from DCoW were removed.

Merge Progress — Staff Merge

All DCoW Staff have been successfully brought over to this Wiki, in addition to all their rights and personal styles. With the Staff Merge done, the Administration is able to move forward as a unified whole.

Merge Progress — Social Merge

The DCoW Forum has been locked, leaving only the Announcements Board open. Soon, Fandom Staff will come to help with the process of merging Forums, and Fandom are also preparing for an file dump to ensure no images are left behind. With Chat also closed on DCoW, all social elements should now be merged to this Wiki. To accommodate DCoW, the Fanon Board has been created for conceptual conversations, and soon there will be appropriate Categories in Discussions, once the Forum-merge ends.

Merge Progress — Content Merge

Beyond social elements, the content merge is going on-schedule. Özün Oldun has finished locking and renaming all pages, and soon Percy Odair will correct the links to ensure that there are no redlinks. After that, Banarama and Ursuul will restructure the category tree on DCoW, and then all 3,000 pages will be imported to this Wiki. All told, this is expected to happen by the following Friday, after which point everyone will be able to begin making new conceptions on this Wiki!

Wiki Event News

Main Page Redesign

Thanks to Ursuul and Banarama, the Main Page will soon be receiving a thorough do-over. The old "Twin Modules" will be thrown out, and replaced by bold new icons linking to major sections of the Wikia, including Fanon. Look out for an exciting redesign as the Merge wraps up!

Main Page

New Font Poll

As part of an ongoing effort in the last few months to spruce up our wiki and make it look less like a copy-pasted FANDOM theme template, we are now holding a poll to change the body font (the font that will appear in text throughout articles, Chat, blogs, and just about everywhere) to something different. Vote now!

Choose our Next Font!

Header Background Contest

As more than a few of you have noticed, the new header by FANDOM (the big block of navy blue at the top) has released. Currently, it looks rather… bland, so we're sprucing it up with an image background! Go check out the relevant threads to find out everything you need to know, make a new design, and/or vote for the next header background!

Contest Info

Submissions Thread (Vote Here!)

Favicon & Monobook Icon Redesign

Continuing recent weeks' theme of customisation, we are also redesigning our wiki's Monobook logo and icon. The icons will consist of a blue Trapper Dominator[1], either alone or with the wiki name on it as in the case of the Monobook logo. What do you think of this proposed redesign? Vote in the Opinion Polls!

Design Prototype (No Text)

Wiki Policy News

Policy Renames & Relocations

The old “Rules” pages have been renamed to be “Policy” pages. They were also categorized as into Site Policies. Lastly, all subpages were made into full pages in their own right, for increased organization. All links have been corrected to ensure that they point to the new destinations, and they are all linked in the Top Navigation under “Community”.

Local Demotions

Minor Code Changes

  • Rappy removed the ChatTags ability to embed external images within Chat.
  • Ursuul uninstalled Floating Table of Contents, as it was buggy and required far too much CSS to stabilize. With 100 pages it was possible, but with 3,000 it is a foregone conclusion.
  • Countdown was installed sitewide.

Merge News Polls
Are you bothered that edit-counts will not fully transfer from DCoW?

The poll was created at 20:50 on 4 July 2017, and so far 12 people voted.

How do you feel about the pace the Merge is going?

The poll was created at 20:50 on 4 July 2017, and so far 7 people voted.
Wiki Policy News Polls
Do you like that Community Guidelines are now referred to as “Policies” instead of as “Rules”?

The poll was created at 20:50 on 4 July 2017, and so far 9 people voted.

How did you take Cap’n Hayden’s resignation?

The poll was created at 20:50 on 4 July 2017, and so far 9 people voted.
Wiki Tech News Polls
What do you think about the removal of embeddable images in chat, & the removal of floating tables of contents?

The poll was created at 20:50 on 4 July 2017, and so far 8 people voted.

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  1. It may be changed later, but it will most likely be blue unless designs show it to be unsuitable and ugly.