Because the days of Forum are numbered, from now on, if Staff members want to announce something, unless it’s massively important, they will usually do so on the new Wiki Staff Blog, which you can follow by clicking this link, if you’re interested. Announcements will start showing up there instead of on the Announcements Board, & eventually the Announcements Board will be closed completely in preparation for when Forums themselves are closed.

That’s all you need to know, if you’d like to read more, there are buttons you can click.

Why is this happening?

Because Forums are going away no matter what, so we should begin to transition toward the use of this Staff Blog as a replacement for the Announcements Board. Highlights may still occur on other Boards, but only for massively important things. The currently highlighted posts may be the last few of their kind, & once they have expired, they will be used less & less. In addition, there will not be an Announcements Board in the Franken-Forum, which will be set up after the Tournament so that people can begin transitioning to the Franken Forum.

That’s all there really is to say. The Staff Blog Listings will begin showing up on the Main Page & even on some Articles very soon. We will do everything we can to make this list as easily reachable as possible.

Is the Wiki Staff Blog just a list of Blogs from Staff?

Yes, but not every blog made by Staff will go on that list. It will only show up there if they put the {{BlogFooterNew}} Template at the bottom of that blog. This way you can easily distinguish from regular blogs & actual Announcements; if it’s not in that list, it’s not an Announcement.

Why is the Announcements Board being closed?

  1. We don’t need it. Highlighted threads are always identifiable as from Staff regardless of which board they are posted in.
  2. Forum is going away, so we have to get used to this new form of Announcement. Once the Forum is gone, so too will the Highlight tool, so we need an alternative.
  3. To stop Non-Staff from using it. Sure, we can delete or move threads posted here, but with this Board gone, they won’t be able to use Staff Channels of Announcements. Unless they are on Staff, their Blog will not be able to show up in that List, so it ultimately reserves Announcements for Staff, since only Staff can highlight & only Staff can use this Blog List.

When is the Announcements Board being closed?

Sometime after the Tournament, but not before the Franken Forum has been set up. Once the Franken Forum is ready, Announcements will soon go away.

When is the Franken Forum being created?

First I plan to set it up on the Wiki as a test run, since they’re stuck with Discussions & want forums. After that is done, & after the Tournament is over, I will set up the Franken Forum here for use, & people can begin moving to the Franken Forum immediately.

Note to Staff

As I said, I expect you to use highlights very very rarely now. If you have something that is highlight-worthy that the entire Wiki needs to see, then place the {{BlogFooterNew}} Template at the bottom of your Blog, & it will show up in the List. Know that this list is not for fun & games, it is for important announcements only, so exercise discretion when making announcements. Also, don’t make announcements within 24 hours of another Staff Member (so that people can digest the first before being buried under more blogs).

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