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    So, basically, you comment what tanks you want. You can give them a name and whatever, but you can't do anything weird. You can also do conceptions, as long as they are balanced and not completely overpowered like the God Of All Tanks. However, you can put a large team against the God Of All Tanks and I would accept it, seeing if it was balanced or not. You can put teams against something or another team. Then, I will do a log of what the tanks do to eachother. The goal? Easy. Kill the other tank(s), or kill the other team if that's what you ask. I'll start off with a few tanks of my own, from Diary of a Tank.

    Tanky: "Huh. We've been put against our will to a DeathMatch. This is slightly uncomfortable..."

    Lava: "Yeah. If we don't do anything…

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  • Weird Polygon Alt Recipes

    November 11, 2016 by Weird Polygon Alt

    These recipies are going to be made up, but I will try to make it work, like how I do with my Diary of A Tank blog page!

    You will need:

    Any square crackers

    Cream Cheese

    Any small toppings you like (small ham slices, small lettuce leaves, pepperoni)


    1. Place a cracker down and put a small amount of cream cheese on it. (Use a butter knife to spread) (Just enough to cover the cracker)
    2. Put any toppings you want to put on (small cuts of meat, veggies slices, just about anything you want)
    3. Enjoy (You'll probably not level up...)

    I can't make up any ideas, put any that you want in the comments!

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    Ok, so Ursuul has become corrupt and many important staff have left. What's going to come of this wikia?

    I like to not use grammar when I'm talking with friends online, because I'm just a laid back type of person. However, when it become serious and desperate like this, I use proper grammar because sometimes things are not laughing matters.

    So, what's gonna come of our wiki? Staff are a major and pretty much vital part of a communities. They punish people that break rules and reward  good people. I don't want to become a staff member myself, but I just want to be a helping hand in our community. I want to pitch in and help other people. And this is what some communities need when important people leave or give up.

    Helpful people. Active peopl…

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    This is not a REAL diary. Just a post I will update every once in a while so people can read and enjoy a story made by me.

    This blog WILL contain conceptions. Link to the Wikia here:

    Please tell me if you enjoy this post, I will be sure to leave a reply. You can also tell me if you want your conception (Bosses, Polygons, Tanks) in this blog.

    The Conceptions Already Added:


    Dungeons, Bosses, and Effects.


    Common Polygons (Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon), Alpha Frequent Polygons, and The Nest.



    The main tank is female ;)

    As the code solidifies, I start feeling. The forcefield around me surrounds me in a sheath of energy. As my Field of Vie…

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