So, basically, you comment what tanks you want. You can give them a name and whatever, but you can't do anything weird. You can also do conceptions, as long as they are balanced and not completely overpowered like the God Of All Tanks. However, you can put a large team against the God Of All Tanks and I would accept it, seeing if it was balanced or not. You can put teams against something or another team. Then, I will do a log of what the tanks do to eachother. The goal? Easy. Kill the other tank(s), or kill the other team if that's what you ask. I'll start off with a few tanks of my own, from Diary of a Tank.

Fight One: Tanky V.S. Lava | Setting: Basic Arena | No Polygons, Set To Level 15.

Tanky: "Huh. We've been put against our will to a DeathMatch. This is slightly uncomfortable..."

Lava: "Yeah. If we don't do anything, we'll be hacked into the undergrid again."

Tanky: "Anyways... Let's just do a simple match. Hopefully we can come back to eachother..."

Tanky's Point Of View:

I began to fire my turrets. I was a twin, while Lava was a sniper. I was uncomforable, knowing that I was fighting against a friend. Anyways, I was able to hit him about 2 times when I saw him crack. He started to dodge. Then, he shot at me. Ow, a direct hit. I groaned in pain, while I felt myself crack. I fired again and again, chugging down magazine after magazine. It wasn't any use, since he dodged easily and could block my shots with a simple shot. I became tired and l stopped shooting. Lava took advantage of this and began shooting me. He caught me off guard and cracked my hull badly. I was as 20 HP. Aching in pain, I felt some of my parts shutting off to conserve energy. I began shooting again. I hit Lava a bunch of times, and he also began to look as severely hurt as me. I had to put on my reserve energy to stay alive. 32 HP. Lava shot at me. I got lowered to 12 HP. I felt extremely wounded. I closed my eyes. "Go......... Finish me........ ugh...." I said. Lava fired, and my microchip shattered. At least we wouldn't be hacked. And I could come back.

Lava's Point Of View

Tanky fired first. She hit me a few times. It didn't really hurt, yet some cracks appeared. I dodged the following bullets. She then aimed at me again. I was able to block the bullets with a shot of my barrel. Dodging, I began to shoot at her. I hit her, and she groaned a little. She kept on firing at me, but she wasn't able to hit me because I was pretty fast due to some of my points in movement speed. I noticed she stopped firing. I started to fire continuously at her. She became more and more cracked. I stopped shooting. Then, she started. She hit me again and again, and although the bullets alone didn't hurt, I felt quite a bit of pain as my hull cracked. I decided to stop. I saw Tanky fall on the floor and close her eyes. She quietly said, "Go, finish me....." and let out a sigh of pain. I hesitantly fired, and I saw her microchip shatter. Oh well. We would be spared.

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