This is not a REAL diary. Just a post I will update every once in a while so people can read and enjoy a story made by me.

This blog WILL contain conceptions. Link to the Wikia here:

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The Conceptions Already Added:


Dungeons, Bosses, and Effects.


Common Polygons (Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon), Alpha Frequent Polygons, and The Nest.



The main tank is female ;)

Spawning... Life One, FFA. Day 1.

As the code solidifies, I start feeling. The forcefield around me surrounds me in a sheath of energy. As my Field of View develops, I see the world around me. I do not know what awaits me, but my senses are almost complete. Sight is good, touch is good, I can hear the sounds around me, I can smell the slight bloodlust and my metallic body. Taste is almost complete, I can feel the file loading in my nearly completed microchip. FILE LOADED. Ok. Ready.

Level Up! Life One, FFA. Day 1.

I start to travel the world around me. Nobody is around me, except for some squares. I now notice that I have a turret on me.... I tried to control it with my motherchip. It fired a small bullet. Walking to the square, I shoot it. To my surprise, it breaks apart. The fragments break apart into code. The code goes onto my body. I feel a sense of power on me.... My computer chip tells me I've leveled up.... What? The program tells me that I can use an upgrade point to up my stats. I use it for Bullet Damage. There's another square behind me. (Tanks have a sense that allows them to "see" behind them) I shoot it. It breaks apart. The code surrounds me. It doesn't allow me to level up, but part of my program tells me I'm almost there.

A New Friend. Life One, FFA. Day 2.

I travel around, but there was nothing near me. I see a pentagon. I run to it, knowing it was going to give me more exp, from my instincts. However, to my surprise, there was another small tank running to it. I decide to talk to it once we got there. Once me and the other tank got to the pentagon, I talked to the tank. "Hey.. I don't mean to hurt you, but can I talk with you?" To my surprise, the tank responed. "Um, sure...... What's your name? I don't talk to strangers." I thought. I didn't have any idea of what my name is.... I thought about "Tanky," and it seemed like a fit. "My name is Tanky.." The other tank said "Well, nice to meet you, Tanky. My name is Lava. Weird name though... So, what did you want to talk with me about?" I replied, "Well, there is one pentagon... And there's two of us. Can we share the engery?" Lava said, "Uhh... Let's each hit it with a bullet. That might work. You can go first."  I decided this could work..... I shot a bullet, then Lava shot a bullet. The pentagon began to crack. Then we shot again. The pentagon was near the verge of splitting until it suddenly shattered when we didn't hit it. One half of the EXP came to us, and we both reached level 6.  Then, shortly after, a tank nearly came smashing into us.

Encounter From The Powerful. Life One, FFA. Day 2.

I grabbed Lava's turret and ran as fast as my microchip could take me. This was the time where I decided to stop writing this diary and engage my energy into "Fight Or Flight" mode. Lava got back up with me. I could tell he was in "Fight Or Flight" mode too, since he had his turret engaged. Shortly after, the tank came smashing into me.

I've erased the note because the battle with that tank ended.

Encounter From The Powerful 2. Life One, FFA. Day 2.

After the tank came smashing into me, I fell over and I felt my hull cracking. I wasn't dead, but I wasn't in perfect shape either. I couldn't see that well, but once I did, I saw the tank. It was coming closer to Lava, and it looked very vicious. It had three turrets on it... My cracks were healing, and I was alright. The tank charged to Lava but he dodged and came by my side. Then, I upgraded my stats. One on Max HP, HP Regen, Bullet Penetration, and one on reload. I tried to shoot the tank, and Lava did too. It hit, but it barely left a scratch. I knew that this tank was very powerful, so I whispered to Lava, "We gotta get out of here... We don't wanna get hit." My minimap display showed us on the upper-left corner. "Let's go backwards on the count of three. One, Two, Three!" Lava and I ran as fast as our microchips could let us. The tank came rushing after us, but ran away for some reason. Then, a menacing tank with a turret that looked very weird fired a spiked bullet at us. Lava stopped, but I came crashing into it. The bullet shattered my hull and broke my microchip. This was when I knew I screwed up... I felt the pain and knew that there were a few seconds before I would unravel and my code would go to whatever that was. I shouted, "STAY HERE... IF YOU HAVE TO RUN AWAY, GO TO ONE OF THE CORNERS!" Lava said, "Ok, just come back ASAP. I don't wanna be alone..." I felt the first bit of my code unravel. My hull began to dissolve.... .... My code came streaming into the other tank...... I lost my sight and the last bit of code unraveled. The time of respawning is about to begin.

Respawning. Life Two, FFA. Day 3.

The slightly familiar feel of code solidifying filled me. The last files were loaded considerably quicker than the first time. I looked on my minimap. I was on the upper right corner. Well, time to make the journey. The microchip told me I was level 5, so I destroyed a few squares and put my upgrade points back exactly where it was before. I still had the memory from last time, which is weird. Oh well. My journey is beginning...

The Journey. Life Two, FFA. Day 3.

When I looked behind me, I saw a giant structure with some turrets on it. It was very ominous.. I must've been looking away from it earlier. I didn't wanna go inside, so I traveled to the upper-left corner. I saw another structure there, but it was a bit larger.. It was triangular. Almost there, I didn't see the tank that killed me before. I saw another tank waiting there, out of reach of the firing turrets. It saw me and started going towards me. "Hey! Tanky, over here!"

It was Lava. I ran back, and we both decided to go and hunt some polygons. We both decided to share the exp. We found a Hexagon, which nobody was near. We both shattered it. We got to level 12. I upgraded all my stats and put some extra points in bullet damage and reload. Lava was building up plain bullet damage and penetration.

Ranking Up. Life Two, FFA. Day 4.

Me and Lava found a really rare Heptagon. We destroyed it and got to level 17.  We were both amazed when our microchips allowed us to upgrade. First, I upgraded all my stats up again. Then I told Lava, "What upgrade do you want? I want machine gun." Suddenly, my barrel grew curved. I put on Auto-Fire with a command from my microchip and I fired faster and sprayed. Lava said, "Cool! I want to be a sniper." Then, his barrel grew longer. He was very confused. "What's wrong?" I said. "Whoa.... My field of view is larger. I can see clearer and better." Lava replied. "Great! You can find more polygons and tell me when tanks are coming!" I cheered. "Heh, sure. I think since I'm a sniper my bullets will become more powerful," Lava thought aloud.

Progress! Life Two, FFA. Day 4.

Lava found lots of things to destroy. A handful of pentagons, a few hexagons, and one or two heptagons. We both got to level 28, so I said to Lava, "We're almost to level 30. Let's find something like a heptagon so we can get there together." I had my build pretty balanced, leaning more to damage. Lava had nearly all damage, and had been the main damage to the polygons before I shattered it with my spray. We encountered a few tanks, all of them firing at us. I scared them off with my spray. We didn't get hit for a while, until we encountered this tank that had one of the upgrades, a twin. Lava hit him, scared the tank off because it nearly shattered him, and I finished the tank with my spray. We got to level 24 from that. Anyways, back on track. Lava said, "Hey, there's an octagon there. There's a tank near it, let's scare it off first." We went to the octagon and I scared of the other tank with my spray. It was pretty cracked, but Lava was able to nearly shatter it and then I destroyed it with my spray. We both reached level 31. Lava finished his setup while I just upgraded some penetration. There was another upgrade menu on our display. I chose Destroyer, and my barrel became large. I fired, and it launched a massive bullet, that destroyed the square in front of me. Lava said, "I'm going for overseer." Once he said he did it, his long barrel dissapeared and some triangular bullets came out of them. They went in front of Lava. He said, "My attack chip is different. I can now control these drones and I can kill anything in my field of view." That was awesome, knowing I could really damage stuff and then he could finish it off. We were a small distance away from the center of the map, so we decided to go there. Hopefully there was something there.

The Dangerous Center. Life Two, FFA. Day 5.

We got to the center after a little bit. There were an unimaginable amount of polygons there, but without warning, a few pink triangles came chasing after us. Lava destroyed them with his drones. After that, we decided to farm. I went to kill the bigger polygons like the big cyan nonagons while Lava went destroying everything else. Levels went by considerably quickly. 

That's when a massive group of pink triangles came rushing after us. A few blue ones as well. Even a red one. I think I saw a green one too. Anyways, I fired my massive bullet, which took about a third of the crashers down. Surprisingly, it got me to level 45. There was another upgrade screen waiting for me. Lava shielded me, Which took out most of the other ones. Then, I backed off and Lava finished them off. "Whoa, I got to level 45," I said. "Me too," Lava replied. "There's another upgrade thing. I'm going for Overlord." I said, "I'm going for annihilator, there's a bigger barrel and stuff." We both upgraded at the same time. Lava got another set of barrels, and his "drones" were considerably larger. I got a larger barrel, that shot a larger bullet. "Cool, Lava said, we're at the last level. No point destroying these anymore." I remembered the giant fortresses. "Hey, there's a giant fortress I saw earlier. We should go there." Lava said, "Sure, let's go."

We Need A Team. Life Two, FFA. Day 5.

Going to the fortress was easier than I thought. It was only about 30 seconds of us running at max speed. Once we got to the fortress, there were some turrets firing at us. The fortress looked small, and there were few turrets. About ten. We then entered the giant fortress. It was very small, with one room. There was a tank in the middle. I yelled, "Hello! Who are you?" The tank replied with a sharp growl, and revealed what it was. A giant health bar appeared on the top of the screen. Lava and I jumped back in shock. It was The Kingpin, A large looking sniper. Its HP was 2000, which was a lot. It started to summon some tanks, that started to attack us. Lava quickly got rid of 3 of them. I shot and I hit the other survivor. Then, we went for the Kingpin. I hit it and dealt 120 damage. Lava hit him with his swarm while it fired at me. I dodged, while Lava dealt about 60 damage. Then, it started to shoot a cloud of smoke at me. I got caught in the cloud. I coughed, and once I got out, I was slow, and I couldn't shoot. It took advantage of this and started shooting at me. Lava shielded me, and the bullet got blocked.

Then it shot again. Lava's shield of drones dissapeared and now there was nothing to protect me. Bam. The bullet hit me, and didn't kill me. I was very cracked though. I decided to exit. I yelled, "WE SHOULD LEAVE BEFORE ANY OF US DIE!" to Lava. He agreed and we both fled and dodged the bullets and smoke it shot at us. We got out of the fortress and then out of the turret's sight. Lava protected me while I healed. "Maybe... Ugh... We should get a team... Huff.... So we can take it out...." I said. Lava agreed, and once I healed, we looked out for team members.

It took a while to find a crew, but we looked to get at least three.

The Titan Clan. Life Two, FFA. Day 6.

A few minutes of scurrying around for a team led to this. A group of three level 45 tanks came coming our way. They decided to give us a chance, seeing as we looked very menacing. There was a tank with three weird barrels on it, looking like the one that launched the things that killed me, a tank with a barrel on the front and four on the back, and a sniper with a weird thingy on it.

The sniper talked to us first. "Hey, we're the Titan Clan. We saw you guys and thought you would like to become part of our team, seeing as you ran away from the dungeon. We've tried to kill that guy before. Would you like to help?" Me and Lava shared looks. We decided to join them after a bit. "Great." The sniper said. "We'll go and try to kill that thing ASAP. Anyways, what's your names?" I replied, "The overlord's Lava, and I'm Tanky. Yours?" The sniper then said, "The Tri-Trapper is Nicky, I'm Ron, and the Booster is Rachel." "Nice to meet you," I replied. "Let's go to the fortress now." We all got to the fortress in time. "Let's do this," I said.

Killed It! Life Two, FFA. Day 6.

After teaming up with the titans, we entered the fortress. The kingpin healed to 1900 HP, but it was idle. It started to turn to us. Lava hit it with his swarm, and it dealt 80 damage, probably because there were more drones then. Ron began to ping the kingpin. It dealt 80 damage a hit. Rachel boosted towards the kingpin and hit it with bullets. It dealt 20 damage a hit, and then she turned around. That dealt about 320 damage. 1,400 HP left to go. I hit it 3 times with my bullets. 1,140 HP left. Ron kept on shooting, over and over and over and over.  Nicky was shooting spiky traps at the boss, that did 90 damage each. We all fired everything. 1,000 HP, 900 HP, 800 HP, we kept on draining its health. After a while, it was as 80 HP. I said, "Who wants to finish it?" Ron said, "You can. We'll all get an award anyways." I shot. The kingpin began to shatter. After a moment, its hull dissolved. We saw its huge microchip within. It then dissolved and the code came streaming into all of us. After that, we went for the door. And that's when I saw someone. He was silent, but then he moved around, and pushed some kind of hologram button in front of him.

Hacked Into The Undergrid. Life Two, FFA. Day 6.

When he pushed the button, I felt an excruciating pain on me. "ARGHHHHHH," I cried. The tank still remained silent. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!??!" Yelled Ron. The tank finally said something while my microchip cracked. I couldn't hear most of this moment, but this is what I could hear before I unraveled. The tank said, "I am a hacker. I have harness the power of hacks to kill your friend and hack them into the undergrid. She'll stay there for a very long time until she finds a key to come back. That will happen to you to," and then I couldn't hear. That was when I dissolved into code.

T̨͢͞h͘͡e U̴͘nd̵er̷̡g͏̶́r͘i҉d̀.

I don't even know where I was. It was an indescribable hell. I still have memory, as those files were not corrupted. Most of the others, like the attack ones, were corrupted. I don't know why this was happening to me... Ok. The Undergrid. Life... Uhhh... I don't know how to put it, I feel dead yet alive. I don't even know what mode or what day it is... This doesn't make sense at all.

I saw a room over there, shrouded in dark red clouds. The place itself looked very ominous. I was walking on a grid with scorching lava underneath. I saw screens with different things on them. I went to the sqaure screen. That was when I saw bits of code come from the screen and rise up to the air. I also heard stuff from it. "Oh, please spare me!"  "Don't infect me... Please!"  "We just want to live... I'm an outcast.... A mutant... Broken...." Said a green square. This was all extremely surprising. I went to the triangle screen next. "Haha, you dumb squares are idiots!" "Triangles rock. You pentagons are sooooooo terrible! You should be ashamed! Go die!" "We're right on point. We should be the only polygons in the game! You alpha pentagons are so fat. Ever considered working out?"

The triangles were rude. I caught bits of code from the screen. They yelled out, "Let us go, you stupid tank, we want to insult people!" I replied with a smash into the grid that pushed them into the lava. They didn't come out, but their yelps of pain were apparent. "ARGHHHHH!!! YOU DUMMY, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?" I replied, "You're horrible creatures. You should die."

 ̵̧M̴̴̷͝e̸҉̸̡͜é͘͘t̴̸i͟͢͠͡҉ǹ̡̕g͏͟ ̷͘͜͟͜Ẁ̷̧͜i̵͏͞҉t̶͢͞h̶̷̸̷̀ ̶҉F̕͜͏̧r͘͏̸̢i͏̵̀e͝n̶͟͡ḑ̶̛́̀ś͜.҉̧͘͠

I already let out enough rage. I decided to leave the triangles.

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