Ok, so Ursuul has become corrupt and many important staff have left. What's going to come of this wikia?

I like to not use grammar when I'm talking with friends online, because I'm just a laid back type of person. However, when it become serious and desperate like this, I use proper grammar because sometimes things are not laughing matters.

So, what's gonna come of our wiki? Staff are a major and pretty much vital part of a communities. They punish people that break rules and reward  good people. I don't want to become a staff member myself, but I just want to be a helping hand in our community. I want to pitch in and help other people. And this is what some communities need when important people leave or give up.

Helpful people. Active people. Responsible people. People that know what to do and when. I consider many people helpful, and many people not.

Let's start and change this community for the better. Let's start being helpful. And NOT being inconsiderant or rude. We need people to stand up for this community and take a stand for the better. Let's start now.

-Weird Polygon

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