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  • Yappat

    Hello to all of you filthy gentletanks and ladytanks. Welcome to yet another issue of Dragon Ball Z The Geographic Ecylopedia. In this issue, we will recover and put a case study to the MG clan, discover new species and give an update to the threatened species of Diepia!

    NOTE: Everything here is for comedy purposes. I have nothing in offense against MG or the players of the tankimals I cover.

    The MG clan, one of the largest clans with lots of members, from the tankimals that die when they just spawned to the tankimals that become a menacing threat to weak prey. The MG clan is a force to be reckoned in large numbers.

    MG stands for the Masters and the Gods of diepia. The MG Clan wear the [MG] tag to show that they're part of the MG. Many of th…

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  • Yappat

    Warning: What you are about to read is the most truthful Encyclopedia of anything and anywhere in the world. If you are offended by such truth, you may consider to avoid looking at all costs.

    Tankdies and Gentletanks, may I present to you, the Geographic Encyclopedia. Now with 100% more Truth and 350% more theory!

    Long ago, there was a land of pure darkness and emptiness. One day, a God came into the land, and worked for 7 days shaping, creating and facerolling to what we call, Diepia.

    The Diepia God had only just started. On the first day, he said these so-called "voo-doo magick words" and so, the land of Diepia had been cleansed of darkness.

    The next day, he shaped the lands, followed by the next day, he filled the land with Polygons…

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  • Yappat

    100 Articles!

    August 22, 2016 by Yappat

    We did it guys! We made it to 100 Articles! Though, it might not actually be 100, since there could be spam pages left somewhere in the wiki.

    Anyway, we did it! Let's make this a milestone to celebrate! Woohoo!

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  • Yappat

    This is the blog post for a former page that is soon to be deleted. If the page stays, ignore this post. I have some thoughts on adding extra signals.

    Tank Interaction refers to moves that people have found, using them for fun, for teasing, for commanding, etc.

    Performed by spinning in a circle moving your turret. People use this for interaction and for team building while others use this for teasing mostly Snipers and other tanks. This is also a battle combat move used with bullets.

    Performed by moving your turret side by side as a no. People use this for teasing other Tanks like they couldn't or shouldn't kill them. Some people us this when the Director move is used as they tell the Director that "No, there is a problem there."

    Performed by …

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