Warning: What you are about to read is the most truthful Encyclopedia of anything and anywhere in the world. If you are offended by such truth, you may consider to avoid looking at all costs.

Tankdies and Gentletanks, may I present to you, the Geographic Encyclopedia. Now with 100% more Truth and 350% more theory!

The Creation of Diepia

Long ago, there was a land of pure darkness and emptiness. One day, a God came into the land, and worked for 7 days shaping, creating and facerolling to what we call, Diepia.

The Diepia God had only just started. On the first day, he said these so-called "voo-doo magick words" and so, the land of Diepia had been cleansed of darkness.

The next day, he shaped the lands, followed by the next day, he filled the land with Polygons, and after 6 days of gruelling and painful work, he came to rest after what he has created.

After the rest day, he grabbed a Crasher, and a Polygon, and dropped them and mixed them, and so he created Tank. The newly formed Tank didn't know what to do, so through the mixture of squares and what-not, the Tank had recieved a cannon to hunt, fend for itself and modification. Soon, more tanks had spawned in, and this was the early creation of Diepia.

The Factions

Not long after Tankkind was created, Tanks had developed their own langauge, and eventually formed teams with each other, allowing them to gang up and pick off other lone tanks.

The Factionless

Alliances: Tanks willing to team.

Enemies: No rivals, some Factionless have preferences on what they want and not want.

The Factionless are the largest faction in Diepia, often unaware of other members and are free to join any faction. The Factionless consist of two sub-categories. The "Newbie" or the "Pro". The Newbie lives short lives, and lacks awareness of what in the world it is doing. The Pro is extremely dangerous, and is experienced at hunting and will show no mercy.


Alliances: Other MGs or tanks willing to team.

Enemies: Anyone who hates their leader, RDT.

MG, also known as Master Gaming are a group hunt through with surprisingly overwhelming numbers, or just fight alone. Most MG often live short lives, but very little of them manage to become extremely strong and dominant to the server. Rumors can tell that they wear the faction tag to praise a leader, named Master or something like that.


Alliances: Other RDT members, some Factionless members.

Enemies: MG, SF and other RDT members as a way to spar with each other.

RDT, also known as Reddit for short are a somewhat large faction, consisting of average-good players. They have better communication to each other compared to other clans, and often raid other lands in huge packs, often adding a theme to their raids. They show extreme hatred to MG due to the fact that they're just annoying and their raids can sometimes be interrupted by SF, a rivaling clan.


Not much is known about this clan, they're shrouded in mystery.

Class Species

My documentation on the tankimals I have discovered.

Booster Cheetah

Scientific Name: Speedyus Tankus

Status: Population levels decreasing.

Population: 3 000+

The Booster Cheetah is a fast hunter, and is known to be a terror to weaker prey. It runs extremely fast and uses its speed to hunt. Many of these Booster cheetahs tend to try and crash into their prey in order to get a quick kill, and they usually can't stand long fights. New methods of defense have lowered and killed many of these Booster Cheetahs, but they are still common today.



What appears to be an up-close sight of a Hurricane, being passive.

Scientific Name: Tankimalus Cyclonious

Status: Rare.

Population: 500+

The Hurricane, or the Tankimalus Cyclonious is a half-tank, half-disaster. It appears as a harmless Octo Tank, which is occasionally mocked at for being extremely weak, or so it is. They are extremely tough and quite fast and fire an unexplainable amount of bullets. Getting caught in its "bullet cyclone" can be lethal for any overlooking tank, as it can whittle anything down quickly.

The Forgotten Landmine

Scientific Name: Stalkus Landminus

Status: Extremely rare.

Population: 250+

The Forgotten Landmine, or the Stalkus Landminus, or the Stalkmine, for what we will call now was formerly a dominant hunter, using stealth and patience to grab what it hunts. After the Landmine species was discovered, many of these Stalkmines have disappeared without a trace, and very little are found today. They hunt by waiting for an unsuspecting target to come within their hiding distance, before quickly pouncing on them for a quick and lethal kill. The Stalkmine is better than the Landmine, but nobody knows that really. Finding one of these is a once-in-10-years sight, but don't hunt them, as they may become extinct in the near future.



An artist's impression on the god the Trappers worship.

Scientific Name: Buildus-a-wallious

Status: Between uncommon and rare.

Population: 750+

The Trapper, or the Buildus-a-wallious is a Trapper willing to protect anyone, as long as it gets to build its wall of traps. It doesn't hunt, but feeds off the nearby polygons surrounding its wall of traps. Rumor says that it praises and worships a god only all Trappers know. Their god uses a strong motive to protect other tankimals.


Scientific Name: Raiseus thus undyingius.

Status: Rare


A close-up glance of the Necromancer.

Population: 500+

The Necromancer, or the Raiseus thus undyingius is a mysterious creature, some witness reports say that they corrupt squares to make them fight for their side. The Necromancer has three sub-species which can be, not that dangerous I suppose?

The Noobermancers

Scientific Name: Newbieus Dedus

Status: Rare

Population: 300+

The Noobermancers are the lesser variant of Necromancers. They have just been introduced to Necromancy, voo-doo stuff and they only joined because they like squares. They show the lack of good control of their raised squares, and often die within minutes of their promotion to Necromancer.


Scientific Name: Medium

Status: Very rare.

Population: 200+

The Mediumancer is better than the Noobermancers, they simply show better skill and know better ways to hunt. That's simply it.


Scientific Name: OPus Necromancus

Status: Extremely Rare, extremely dangerous!

Population: 1+

Legend tells of an extremely rare species, known as the Anokmancer. It is the strongest out of all Necromancers, and there is only approximately one or two Anokmancers in the wild. Its square control is so strong, they have been one with the square itself. The Anokmancer is considered to be avoided unless you are in for the biggest challenge of your life.

The Demi-Gods

Arena Closer-0

A photographer's first and last sight of an Arena Closer.

Scientific Name: Arena Closer

Status: Very rarely seen, appears at a specific time.

Population: 20 (approximate)

The Demi-Gods of Diepia, the Arena Closers. They are commanded by the God of Diepia to clear the lands of conflict. Many have tried to resist these gigantic creatures, but have been overwhelmed by the sheer power of these demi-gods. My suggestion to you is to just accept your sad death, and watch in agony as these creatures shred through every last tank.

The God of Diepia

Scientific Name: ???

Status: He exists, no he doesn't?

Population: 1

The God of Diepia, praise him as he returns the favor with updates. Theory can tell that staring directly at the God of Diepia will turn you into a pile polygons. Its appearance is never known, but as been in contact with the RDT clan through text.

TBA, not finished the encyclopedia yet. Suggest any Tankimal or any other information in the comments, or just feedback.

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