Hello to all of you filthy gentletanks and ladytanks. Welcome to yet another issue of Dragon Ball Z The Geographic Ecylopedia. In this issue, we will recover and put a case study to the MG clan, discover new species and give an update to the threatened species of Diepia!

NOTE: Everything here is for comedy purposes. I have nothing in offense against MG or the players of the tankimals I cover.

A Case Study on the MG Clan

The MG clan, one of the largest clans with lots of members, from the tankimals that die when they just spawned to the tankimals that become a menacing threat to weak prey. The MG clan is a force to be reckoned in large numbers.


A diagram of a Booster. We couldn't dissect it because of the budget I got.

MG stands for the Masters and the Gods of diepia. The MG Clan wear the [MG] tag to show that they're part of the MG. Many of the tankimals within the MG tribe happen to be Booster Cheetahs, Smashers, Landmines or Vomitting Triplets (we'll cover that later). The MG's leader, which according to Diepologists and Name Predictors appears to be named Master or something like that. In my astronomy and voo-doo, I think the leader's name is Faster (because Booster Cheetahs are fast, get it? No, end my suffering because I don't get paid to write these encylopedias).


An Anti-MG poster. It is unknown on which faction created this, but it's instantly assumed that either a Factionless or an RDT made it.

MGs have a unique wardance, which one can be used to call fellow allies, to group up and many other actions. According to eye-witness accounts, their wardance involves spinning around, and soon after, more MGs come as reinforcements. However, according to their Leader, he wants to try and stop this teaming in gamemodes where everyone is pitted against each other.

The MG clan, while being powerful and huge have a bad reputation between other clans. The RDT clan was made as an act to counter the MGs, and some MGs have tried to attack other clans and their leaders personally. Despite the negativity, they are still an active faction.

An MG hunter's wall of MG kills. There are so many MG that killing them is a waste of time. The real prizes are Arena Closers.

Most notably, many MGs are hunted by other factions, and some hunters show off their prized kills, but they're so large that even hunting them doesn't lower their member count.

New Species



Legit footage of two Smashers fighting.

Scientific Name: Beybladyus Smasqwebtious

Population: 750+

Status: Uncommon - Rare

Smashers, or Beybladyus Smasqwebtious is a unique species of tankimal, equipped with no cannon to hunt. Rather, it's more evolved than Booster Cheetahs, and can move faster, regenerate and can even be super tough. They're also resistant to hunting bullets, so hunting down one can be a tough job for tankimals or hunters. Finding one is usually something you'd probably see every 2 days. Smashers hunt by running at and pouncing on prey.

Auto Smasher

Auto Smasher

Mega Smasher > Auto Smasher

Scientific Name: Uselessnessmus Smashqwebtious

Population: Unknown. Approximately 20+ specimens found in the wild.

Status: IT'S SO BAD WE DON'T NEED TO SPECIFY. DETA wants to remove these animals despite being a tankimal preseveration foundation.

The Auto Smasher, also known as Uselessnessmus Smashqwebtious is a tankimal that lives up to it's scientific name. That's right, it's simply a Smasher with an Auto Cannon. It's laughed at by many Diepologists, even hunters would laugh at it. Trying to kill these is a pure waste of time, as their value is -$6969696969696969001.


Scientific Name: Stalkus Landminus Suckius

Population: 300+

Status: Rare

Landmines or Stalkus Landminus Suckius are the idiots tankimals that were added, which eventually killed out Stalker or Stalkus Landminus because of their evolved abilities. However, their power soon came short, as the God of Diepia was worried of the Stalker's extinction, and used its power to reduce the Landmine's power. The Landmine today is a lot weaker than the other Smashers, but hey, at least it isn't bad as the Auto Smasher, heh.

Mega Smasher


A diagram of the Mega Smasher. It has a larger body than those of the Smasher, allowing it to resist bullets.

Scientific Name: Fatus Smashqwebtious

Population: 0

Status: Extinct

The Mega Smasher, or the Fatus Smashqwebtious is a creature, capable of resisting many bullets. However, it's huge size makes it slow, making it hard to hunt. The God of Diepia's creation wasn't good as the Mega Smasher would be extinct in no time, so he instantly purged all of the Mega Smashers. RIP Mega Smasher, you will be missed. Diepologists are trying to revoke the removal of these poor creatures, probably because of that DAMN Auto Smashcrapper had to replace him. Please call the Revive Mega Smasher Hotline for more info, call 9001-2121-4242 or text AUTOSMASHERSUCKS.

Vomitting Triplet

Scientific Name: BRLGRLGRLGGRGLRLGRLGGGGG Tripleshootus

Population: 500+

Status: Population levels are on a sudden increase.

The Vomitting Triplet or BRLGRLGRLGGRGLRLGRLGGGGG Tripleshootus is scientifically named that because the bullets it shoots is just like me vomitting to Jacob Satorious' music or Mishovy Silenosti's music. Their offensive tool, is simply their vomit like bullets, which can be lethal to any tankimal who gets too close. It is slow, but overlooking it, maybe don't do that.

Dragon Fighter

Fighter Booster Comparison

Dragon Fighters are the distant cousins of the Booster Cheetah. Compared to the Booster, they have fireball shooting wings, and they have their back cannons, which also attack with their feces?

Scientific Name: ROOOOAAAAR Firefighterops

Population: 100+

Status: Extremely dangerous. Extremely rare.

Dragon Fighters or ROOOOAAAAR Firefighterops are extremely dangerous creatures that can fly and have a menacing dragon breath. They come in many shapes and sizes, from the armored to the weak from the fast to the slow. They prey on anything that comes within their sight. I recommend that once you see one, you'd better run for your life, as their cataclysm and accidental deaths created through the amount of idiot tankimals who run into their bullets their flight can leave permanent injuries or may even fear you.


Scientific Name: Trappus Overlordus

Population: 50+

Status: Critically Endangered. Hunting of these precious creatures is against the law of Diepia, as they are underprotection by DETA (Diepologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

The Overtrapper or the Trappus Overlordus, once powerful, but the God of Diepia wasn't pleased with the amount of drones it had, so unfortunately, a curse was placed onto its cannons, weaking the drone capacity it can hold. The curse made Overtrappers almost defenceless, over 70% of the population disappearing. Some of the population have still survived, and roam the very lands of Diepia. Despite lacking abilities to prey, legend says that they can survive without food for up to 1 month.

Tankimal Update

Stalkus Landminus

The Stalker, or the Stalkus Landminus has had it's population decrease even more. It may have to come under protection by DETA. If you have seen one of these creatures, it's best to report their sightings to DETA, so that they can find these specimens and put them into protection.

Speedyus Tankus

The Booster Cheetah has also had its population decrease. Almost all tanks have evolved and adapted to its methods, making hunting for these fast tanks a true challenge of life or death. Despite the decrease in population, they are not threatened as of yet.

Raising thus undyingius

The population of the Necromancers has decreased, making it a rare sight. DETA believes that protection may not be needed, as most of the Noobermancers have been wiped, and the Mediumancer can at least survive for a few months before being hunted. The Anokmancer may not have protection, as it's menacing presence and the extreme power it has with the undead is too insane. Bet it'll survive on it's own.

Unfortunately, I've run out of time to finish this. I promise that I'll finish this issue up tomorrow!

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