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  • Zathsu

    Natural November Nonsense :3

    November 1, 2017 by Zathsu

    So quite a bit has happened, and even more is coming. Make sure to stay up to date on all kinds of things, as voting for a lot of wiki stuff has still been going on. But yes, it is also November now and I tried to do some alliteration with the title. All in all, there's more than meets the eye sinking below it... or something.

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  • Zathsu

    Boss Quote Writer for Hire

    September 28, 2017 by Zathsu

    "Pentavian has been one of my favorites to do quotes for. I should be like... someone you can hire on the wiki to add quotes to your bosses or something" -Me in my Discord server yesterday, talking about writing quotes for and doing... well... this.

    For those not familiar, I write a lot of battle quotes for a lot of my own bosses. They can range from goofy to serious, and anywhere in between. They can have deeper meanings, just be surface funny, epic, cliche, anything. I even have a tendency to do references. Just give me an idea of personality for the boss and I can work with that. Go as in depth as you need to or have to though. I don't mind learning more about everyone's great pages. :D

    The best part is, I'll do it for free and with no ot…

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  • Zathsu

    New Wikia Discord!

    September 27, 2017 by Zathsu

    A lot of things changed this week related to the last. Some decisions were either undone or being seen to change. The big thing with this Wiki Update is creation of the Discord, so join in, have fun! Other than that... I have nothing else to say. Enjoy this update. Big happenings. ;3

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  • Zathsu

    In an attempt to delve deeper into understanding of my villain, I did a really weird thing. In a characterization experiment with the Archprophet, I did something I'd thought I'd never do. I pulled a Disney... and wrote a song. For him. Supposedly by him in the context, but regardless. No where do I planned for this to be actually used, but for the hell of it and for the fun of it, the lyrics to a little song I like to call... "Playing With Fire" by Zathsu.

    Mind the awkward spacing, Source Editor groups text not double spaced so paragraphs are spaced by double spaces and lines in a paragraph by one space.

    CONTEXT FOR THOSE NOT FAMILIAR WITH TALE OF DIEP: Archprophet = Baddie singing da song, Aero = Random hero thats gonna do a die, Middle Er…

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  • Zathsu

    To An Even Brighter Future

    August 24, 2017 by Zathsu

    With the main big part of the Merge everyone's been waiting for, the Image and Page Transfer, finally concluding, it is safe to say that now we are officially merged, even if there is a lot more to do! Lots of new things popping up here and there around the wiki: Tournaments, Category Cleanup, Votes, and more! May we move onward to a brighter future together! (-^_^-)

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