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  • I live in constant anguish
  • I was born on May 31
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  • Zathsu


    August 8, 2017 by Zathsu
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  • Zathsu

    Merging Attrition

    August 8, 2017 by Zathsu

    The merge has really been a battle of endurance, a war of attrition with the obstacles at hand and those we've overcome in the past. We've had breakthroughs and fallbacks in our struggles, but at long last bittersweet progress is being made. Great news and bad news, head shoulders knees and toes, with each coming week, the merge woes grow. :/

    So its like... a war of attrition and whatnot. I'm clever with my titles, I swear! It just needed to not sound like the end of the world like the last few, and heaven forbid it be another title related to the false promise of the merge ending soon, because it seems a monkey wrench gets thrown and perfectly lodged in the gears every time our train starts going. But maybe we finally have killed that monk…

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  • Zathsu

    Final Hurrah

    July 18, 2017 by Zathsu

    That is right. I have now taken over the Weekly Update as well! We're reaching the end of the merge, people, so just keep hanging on tight... we're entering the last lap, the end in sight, the FINAL HURRAH of the merge! Oh uh, and of course all the other news on the wiki too, don't forget that. (-^_^-)

    lruynit ZE00000

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  • Zathsu

    So I was playing the other day, and went into a Team Deathmatch server. I went under the name Guardian on accident, because I was playing Mothership earlier and mostly hung around them as a guard. And of course, due to reasons, I was on the suffering, cornered, Blue Team. I try escaping to the bottom when I am killed by a Gunner at Level 6. I take the same route... and meant a Body Damage Booster named ñññññññññññ. He was on the Red Team, and I expected death. But do you know what he does. SPINS. And we TEAM. He would follow me around, trying to get other red tanks to stop attacking me, charging into them and pushing them away, etc.

    But we met this evil Manager who was HELLBENT on killing me named 'Trumps Great Wall'. Naturally, I g…

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  • Zathsu

    I Am... Wow

    June 17, 2016 by Zathsu

    Points addressed in this blog post:

    -My user page becoming protected.

    -New admin election.

    -Thoughts on the vandal problem.

    -Future plans should I win said admin election.

    -My modesty about said admin election.

    -Who I consider worth Moderator or higher and why.

    I actually found this hilarious. Honestly, I didn't know user pages were editable by anybody to begin with (every wikia I've been on is rather friendly and really has no problems), so I'm just glad that all happened WHILE I was off. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    It appears that people are actually voting for me. Having led a life on the internet so far as the semi-decent leader hidden in the followers, I always have been pushed down at requests and nominations for positions on teams on moderators, so the fac…

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