Points addressed in this blog post:

-My user page becoming protected.

-New admin election.

-Thoughts on the vandal problem.

-Future plans should I win said admin election.

-My modesty about said admin election.

-Who I consider worth Moderator or higher and why.

User Page Protection

I actually found this hilarious. Honestly, I didn't know user pages were editable by anybody to begin with (every wikia I've been on is rather friendly and really has no problems), so I'm just glad that all happened WHILE I was off. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

New Admin Election

It appears that people are actually voting for me. Having led a life on the internet so far as the semi-decent leader hidden in the followers, I always have been pushed down at requests and nominations for positions on teams on moderators, so the fact that I rang through here absolutely astonished me. Thank you to everyone for support so far, this wikia is the best.

Shoutouts To: Ziga, for actually pushing toward a new admin election. Abdasa, for helping me out and contributing to my success so far. Akkaviv, for not listening to me about fixing the Fan Ideas Page after I said to wait to resolve its near deletion (he followed my philosophy of don't let it down). And Tonn, for being willing to help me out in the event I do win.

Thoughts on Vandalization

The wiki is being crippled by certain anonymous accounts who trash or delete pages for the sake of doing it, but I don't see why it has been considered that ALL pages should be purged of being edited by anon users. But as of now, I see where its coming from. It's easy to make a wiki account, so why hide behind a faceless mask? To not be tracked. If we remove anonymous editing, it would be easier to catch negative editors and would allow more character from everyone. That's another thing I'm always confused about: Why not let everyone know you've done something? If it is unknown to everyone who did this amazing accomplishment, why not let everyone know it is you by having a name for yourself in the first place? You just get hidden in, and assumed to be the same as the majority who have nothing special or have no personality to them.

These Are My Steps For World Domination... I Mean The Wiki

1. Turn on Chat Labs and see who's fit for moderator.

2. Unmod everyone who's proven they are abusive with chat mod. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

3. Work toward systems to prevent vandalization.

4. Get a team of people from the wiki with select skills and give them moderation power.

5. We'll take it from there...

Why Am I Acting Like This

Because nothing is set in stone until it is said so. As such, I am not admin until it is next to my name with the powers bar at the bottom. That is why I speak as if 'I haven't won'. BECAUSE I haven't, and saying I have would make me an evil politician. I am not Donald Trump, I am one of you who has ascended.

People I Consider Good Enough For Stuff

Just realized most of these are my shoutouts.

Adabsa- Strong devotion to the wiki and in general. Has proven his strength in computer knowledge, and as an extension, an ability to track vandals.

Tonn Lenk- Past Admin experience who knows what he's doing. Worth having on the team in the future.

Ziga- Was the first to step toward this all in the first place. He, like Adasba, has proven his devotion to the wiki and has comprised a list of everyone who has caused problems. Good job, dude. :D

Thanks for reading. :P