So I was playing the other day, and went into a Team Deathmatch server. I went under the name Guardian on accident, because I was playing Mothership earlier and mostly hung around them as a guard. And of course, due to reasons, I was on the suffering, cornered, Blue Team. I try escaping to the bottom when I am killed by a Gunner at Level 6. I take the same route... and meant a Body Damage Booster named ñññññññññññ. He was on the Red Team, and I expected death. But do you know what he does. SPINS. And we TEAM. He would follow me around, trying to get other red tanks to stop attacking me, charging into them and pushing them away, etc.

But we met this evil Manager who was HELLBENT on killing me named 'Trumps Great Wall'. Naturally, I go Triplet, it being one of my favorite classes, and kill that wall. I figured ñññññññññññ wouldn't mind because he'd been killing a lot of blues. So I just go on this murderous rampage killing leaderboard red after leaderboard red, and get up to 2nd place, behind 'noob' a red Octotank with around 128k points at that time. And ññññññññññ was totally fine with it as far as I was concerned. But I get killed out of nowhere by a Ranger and ññññññññññ just goes in there and repeatedly rams into them (but of course, since they're the same team, the Ranger can't die). So I come back and go Body Damage Booster too. That lasted really long, but I never went and killed noob. I spared him. I think he got to around 180k by the time I died again, this time to a Hybrid. And I haven't seen ñññññññññ since.

Shoutout to him, for being such a good fucking sport and trying to make the game fair. :D