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  • Zombie jotuc

    bored of waiting

    February 28, 2017 by Zombie jotuc

    join survival right now plz

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  • Zombie jotuc


    November 25, 2016 by Zombie jotuc



    what am i saying? im zombie jotuc!

    gotta overdramatize my exit

    just for the wikfans.

    (i see yall wavin at the back, no i dont do signatures)

    to Zathus: keep beigna great admin.

    for now, if you are up to it, i leave you in charge of the resistance.

    try get some more staff, but only people you trust. remember, keep to the shadows.

    i hope i can come back one day and see it listed in community centre.

    to Robotguy: aw heck, i'm gonna miss you.

    i have a christmas surprise for you, so just keep watchin out for me

    to SomeoneFedUp: plese dont stir up my friends while i'm gone.

    to Robotguy: stay cool, stay banana

    to Ursuul: even after all that happened, i still believe you are worthy or forgiving. thanks for getting me to rollback!

    to ol' binary: i kno…

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  • Zombie jotuc

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  • Zombie jotuc

    Well BUGGER

    November 22, 2016 by Zombie jotuc

    looks like the wiki really is going down.

    wheres all the fun?

    why the hell are there millions of polls?

    what the hell is happening with all this staff, councill, all that sh*t?


    this place is going MENTAL!

    you know what?

    im just going to go read some pages on tanks.

    wasnt that what the wiki was made for?

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  • Zombie jotuc

    This page has been made for anyone to place dedications.

    Dedications to what?

    Almost anything.

    Zombie Jotuc's Dedication: I dedicate this page to ZathusTheMage, for being one of the best admins ever.

    feel free to add your own dedications below, but remember to use"(insert name)'s Dedication:" and do not delete any other dedications unless they are silly, multiple dedications to one thing is allowed as long as it is not spammed.

    QUEEN AYSHA -My dedication goes to Zombie Jotuc, for being one of my favorite members as well as a lovely staff member who was a huge part of the most awesome part of our wikia: The roleplay section.

    Captain Hayden - My dedication goes to every Staff and former Staff member who has worked real hard to make this wiki bette…

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