This page has been made for anyone to place dedications.

Dedications to what?

Almost anything.

Zombie Jotuc's Dedication: I dedicate this page to ZathusTheMage, for being one of the best admins ever.

feel free to add your own dedications below, but remember to use"(insert name)'s Dedication:" and do not delete any other dedications unless they are silly, multiple dedications to one thing is allowed as long as it is not spammed.

QUEEN AYSHA -My dedication goes to Zombie Jotuc, for being one of my favorite members as well as a lovely staff member who was a huge part of the most awesome part of our wikia: The roleplay section.

Captain Hayden - My dedication goes to every Staff and former Staff member who has worked real hard to make this wiki better than they'd left it. I also want to give shout outs to, Fmate2006, Sector Protecter and many other contributors for adding valuable information to this wiki. I love you all!!!

Friendly777- My dedication goes to Ursuul, since he helped the wiki and improved it well.

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