what am i saying? im zombie jotuc!

gotta overdramatize my exit

just for the wikfans.

(i see yall wavin at the back, no i dont do signatures)

to Zathus: keep beigna great admin.

for now, if you are up to it, i leave you in charge of the resistance.

try get some more staff, but only people you trust. remember, keep to the shadows.

i hope i can come back one day and see it listed in community centre.

to Robotguy: aw heck, i'm gonna miss you.

i have a christmas surprise for you, so just keep watchin out for me

to SomeoneFedUp: plese dont stir up my friends while i'm gone.

to Robotguy: stay cool, stay banana

to Ursuul: even after all that happened, i still believe you are worthy or forgiving. thanks for getting me to rollback!

to ol' binary: i know you are a fan of diep, but still. sometimes it's a better idea to shut up

to everyone that participated in MY TURNIP!: tay cool, fellas. you got some good imaginations, use em well.

to my fans: go find someone else to be your idol. exept robotguy. you can keep me idolized :P

to Rifleman: fancy seeing you here. i hope you keep christmas spirit in mind and dont ruin this wiki

i will come back and deal with you PERSONALLY if you do

to everyone else: thank you all...


to aysha:... uh... you're a really friendly person... don't let anyone get you down

well, i suppose it is time for me to depart.

so long, aedue, gooodboi, rest in doritos, uh

cheers all,

Jotuc the Zombie

aka JTC

p.s if i missed anyone, then it's cos ya got here too late.




dunno why...

its just what i am lol

if you want updates on how my new regained life is going, check my wiki

but im not going back to dramaville

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